Marine Salt, 49.5 lb / 22.5 kg

Marine Salt, 49.5 lb / 22.5 kg

Item #: L-A8280 | UPC: 015561182805

Made in the USA, Fluval Marine Salt is a professional-grade formula that delivers a quick-dissolving blend of macro and micro elements that allow your corals, invertebrates and fish to flourish as nature intended.

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  • Fast-dissolving
  • Establishes a natural saltwater environment quickly and easily
  • Achieve ideal marine pH level (8.1 – 8.2) right out of the package – helps avoid coral stress during routine water changes
  • Enriched Magnesium levels (1250 – 1300 ppm) efficiently absorbed by corals for greater growth potential
  • High Calcium levels (460 ppm at a S.G of 1.023) for greater development and maintenance of strong coral skeletal structures
  • Ideal Strontium concentration range (8 – 12 ppm) supports coral tissue growth and skeletal structure
  • Unique small-batch production process – proprietary trace element mix for consistent results that are free of phosphate and nitrate
  • Made in the USA

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