Item #: 14356 | UPC: 015561143561

Fluval Hydrometer accurately and conveniently measures salt levels and specific gravity in marine aquariums.

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  • Compact design with large, easy-to-read markings
  • Ideal salinity range clearly identified in green for added convenience
  • Can be permanently installed inside the tank for continuous readings, or used as a portable measuring device when necessary
  • For best results, test water regularly as stable salinity levels are essential for the health of marine fish and invertebrates

Questions & Answers

The specific gravity reading from my hydrometer was very high. What should I do?

Make sure you tap the hydrometer thoroughly to dislodge any air bubbles from the armature. If tapping the hydrometer doesn’t help, insert a thin object into it and tap the armature itself.

At what temperature is the Fluval Hydrometer calibrated?

The Fluval Hydrometer is calibrated to 75°F / 24°C.

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