EasyVac Gravel Cleaner Mini, 10″ / 25 cm

EasyVac Gravel Cleaner Mini, 10″ / 25 cm

Item #: 11060 | UPC: 015561110600

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  • Quick Start Priming
  • A simple shaking motion while submersed engages the cleaner
  • Gravel guard prevents clogging
  • Round tube design is ideal for detailed cleaning in nano and small aquariums (i.e. plants, rocks, decor)
  • Recommended for all substrates
  • For use in fresh and saltwater aquariums

What’s Included

  • 10″ / 25 cm round tube
  • 6 ft / 1.8 m hose

Questions & Answers

How frequently should I perform partial water changes?

We recommend performing partial water changes every week. When keeping aquariums with high stocking densities or with more delicate / demanding species, more frequent water changes are required. Always make sure the replacement water is of the right temperature and conditioned with Fluval Aqua Plus Water Conditioner.

How do you clean an aquarium?

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