Cycle Biological Enhancer

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Cycle Biological Enhancer

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Fluval Biological Enhancer goes to work fast, releasing massive amounts of beneficial bacteria that eliminate toxic ammonia and nitrite to establish a biologically-balanced aquarium.

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  • All-natural water care – creates a safe biological habitat to prevent fish loss
  • Infused with a powerful team of beneficial bacteria that immediately inoculates aquarium water
  • Extremely effective when setting up a new aquarium or introducing new fish to an existing one
  • Equally useful during water changes and filter media changes, when good bacteria is depleted
  • Regular application helps to completely exclude establishment of undesirable bacteria
  • Eliminates ammonia and nitrite
  • Bio-Floc technology ensures product stability and efficacy, devoid of any contaminants
  • For use in freshwater and saltwater aquariums

Label Info

  • 4 fl oz / 120 ml bottle treats aquarium up to 240 US Gal / 908 L
  • 8.4 fl oz / 250 ml bottle treats aquariums up to 500 US Gal / 1892 L
  • 16.9 fl oz / 500 ml bottle treats aquarium up to 1000 US Gal / 3785 L
  • 0.5 US Gal / 2 L bottle treats aquariums up to 4000 US Gal / 15140 L

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