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  • Promotes healthy plant development, vigorous growth and vibrant color
  • Infused with dormant beneficial nitrifying bacteria that, once in contact with water, are activated to break down waste and kickstart the nitrogen cycle
  • Rapidly reduces ammonia levels to help stabilize water conditions in new aquariums
  • Lightweight 1 mm powder format granules are non-compacting and allow even the finest and most delicate roots to easily penetrate and spread throughout substrate
  • Porous granules promote extensive bacterial colonization and act as an additional source of biological filtration for improved water quality
  • Includes a powerful mix of plant-friendly nutrients, minerals and trace elements
  • Helps support a neutral to slightly acidic pH – ideal for live plants as well as tropical fish and shrimp commonly kept in planted aquariums
  • Softens water naturally, reducing carbonate hardness
  • Will not stain water and helps control organic discoloration
  • Unique curing and heat treatment process helps extend soil life and ensures no parasites are present
  • Ideal for use in smaller freshwater aquariums or as a top layer in larger tanks

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Questions & Answers

How do the nitrifying bacteria in Bio-Stratum survive before the substrate is added to the aquarium?

The nitrifying bacteria have been conditioned to enter a dormancy phase prior to packaging that allow them to survive in dry conditions. Once the substrate is added to your aquarium water, the bacteria awaken.

How do I calculate how much Bio-Stratum I need for my aquarium?

First, measure your tank’s length and width in cm – for example, 90 x 60 cm. Then, consider the thickness of substrate you want – for example, 8 cm. The amount of Bio-Stratum you need (in kg) is equal to length x width x thickness divided by 1000. In our example, 90 x 60 x 8 / 1000 = 43.2 kg of Bio-Stratum needed.

Should I rinse Bio-Stratum before adding it to my aquarium?

We recommend gently rinsing Bio-Stratum in a large colander or similar device without agitating the substrate to remove fine dust particles.

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 Need Help? Get Answers. Visit the Support Center