3-Ions Supplement, 8 fl oz / 237 ml

3-Ions Supplement, 8 fl oz / 237 ml

Item #: A8272 | UPC: 015561182720

Fluval 3-Ions is a convenient and concentrated blend of the most essential elements (calcium, magnesium and strontium) that support strong coral growth and help keep your marine aquarium naturally stable.

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  • Elevates and maintains optimal levels of calcium, magnesium and strontium, which are constantly depleted by coral absorption, coralline algae and organic compounds
  • Contains USP (Pharmaceutical) grade calcium chloride, magnesium chloride and strontium chloride
  • Ultra pure and free of unwanted contaminates, gluconates, nitrates and phosphates
  • For use in saltwater aquariums

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Do Fluval SEA marine supplements have a specific shelf life?

Yes, there are specific expiry dates depending on the product. Check the back of the label for the best before date.

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