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Polished Fancy Jasper Gravel, 4.4 lb (2 kg)

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Format: 4-8 mm
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Fluval polished stones and gravel are produced using time-honored rock tumbling methods to achieve a smooth and shiny finish that will add flair to your aquarium.

  • Finely polished earth stones from India
  • Tumbled for a smooth, quality finish
  • Completely inert – will not affect water chemistry
  • Natural and safe for fish
Stone type: Polished Fancy Jasper Gravel
Size: 4-8 mm
Net weight: 2 kg (4.4 lb)



How do I know what substrate is best for my aquarium?

I added colored gravel to my aquarium, having rinsed and stirred it beforehand, but my water is still tinted. Why has this happened?

When rinsing any epoxy-coated colored gravel, use lukewarm to cool water and stir gently. If you use water that is too hot and/or mix too vigorously, this can remove the protective coating and potentially allow the color to leach into the water.

Why does Fluval natural gravel vary in diameter and color from one bag to another?

Gravel and rocks are raw substances that naturally vary and are impossible to replicate. We recommend mixing two or more bags into the aquarium for a more uniform look.

How much gravel height should I factor at the back of my tank to create a slope effect?

Two inches should be more than enough to create a decent slope from rear to front (the front should have approximately 1 inch of gravel). Higher gravel at the rear of a tank is called for when keeping live plants, which grow tall and typically have a strong root network.

After adding Fluval natural gravel to my soft water tank, the pH level spiked. Should I remove the gravel?

Due to the low KH value of your soft water, the gravel increased the buffering capacity of your water (KH) and, therefore, the pH value as well. Keep an eye on your fish and perform a few extra water changes while using a product (i.e. Nutrafin pH Adjust Down) to help lower pH if necessary. They will adapt to this pH and, in fact, it will be far more stable from now on.

Why did my aquarium pH level rise rapidly after changing my gravel?

Some buffering by natural gravel is expected, but it will have a more dramatic effect on tap water with little buffering capacity (KH). A stable pH would require at least 30-40mg/L KH temporary hardness.

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