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C2 Zeo-Carb, 3 x 70 g (2.47 oz)

SKU: 14017 | UPC: 015561140171
Format: 3-pack / 3 x 70 g (2.47 oz)
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Designed for use with the Fluval C2 Power Filter, C2 Zeo-Carb is a premium blend of Fluval Carbon and Ammonia Remover that eliminate water impurities, odors and discoloration, while simultaneously removing toxic ammonia.

  • Chemical filter media
  • Frees up space inside the filter to include additional media if desired
  • Helps create clean and healthy water conditions
  • Convenient 3-pack format
For Fluval C2 Power Filter
For freshwater use only
Net Weight: 210 g (7.4 oz)

3 x zeo-carb

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