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C2 Ammonia Remover, 3 x 90 g (3.17 oz)

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Format: 3-pack / 3 x 90 g (3.17 oz)
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Designed for use with the Fluval C2 Power Filter, C2 Ammonia Remover effectively removes and controls ammonia and nitrite, which occur naturally as waste breaks down in an aquarium and are toxic to fish and plant life.

  • Chemical filter media
  • Ideal for new or heavily populated freshwater aquariums
  • Reduces fish stress
  • Convenient 3-pack format
Exclusively designed for Fluval C2 Power Filter
Net Weight: 270 g (9.52 oz)

3 x ammonia remover

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My aquarium water is full of organic waste (dead leaves, fish excrement, uneaten food, etc.). How can I get rid of them?

My aquarium water is cloudy. What are the various types of ways I can clear it?

Do you offer any water care products to help clear up a cloudy aquarium?

How can I fix the most common aquarium water issues?

How do you prevent algae growth?

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How do you clean an aquarium?

HHow do you cycle an aquarium?

How do I remove algae in my aquarium that may be accumulating on the inside glass surface?

Whether it is visible or not, algae removal needs to be a regular weekly maintenance task. This is performed simply by going over the inner glass surface with a pad or an aquarium magnet, such as the Fluval Razor+ 2-in-1 Algae Magnet (#11083 & #11084).

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Does Fluval Ammonia Remover absorb liquid plant food in my aquarium?

No, it does not.

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