Aqua Plus Water Conditioner, 0.5 US Gal (2 L)

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Format: 0.5 US Gal (2 L)
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Fluval Water Conditioner makes tap water safe by neutralizing chlorine, chloramine and undesirable metals, which are toxic to fish. Formulated with pure herbal extracts, it also reduces fish stress and protects scales and fins from minor scrapes and cuts.

  • All-natural conditioner neutralizes metal toxins, chlorine and chloramine found in tap water
  • Herbal extracts reduce fish stress caused from transportation, handling and acclimatization
  • Coats delicate scales and fins to protect against minor abrasions
  • Use when performing water changes, setting up a new tank, transporting fish and healing wounds
  • For use in freshwater and saltwater aquariums
Dosing Instructions:
To remove chlorine: 5 mL treats 37.8 L (10 US Gal)
To remove chloramine and to protect scales & fins: 10 mL treats 37.8 L (10 US Gal)
2 L (0.5 US Gal) bottle treats up to 15,140 L (4000 US gal )



Do the new 45g and 95g CO2 cartridges fit the regulators that came with the 20g and 88g CO2 kits?

They do. However, please note that the 45g CO2 cylinder will not fit in the 20g CO2 cylinder holder.

Do the old 20g and 88g CO2 cartridges fit the regulators that come with the 45g and 95g CO2 kits?

They do. However, please note that the 20g CO2 cylinder will not fit in the 45g CO2 cylinder holder.

How do I dispose of my empty CO2 cylinders?

Once empty, CO2 cylinders can simply be recycled.

Why has the output on my new CO2 set diminished even after changing cylinders?

We advise you to replace the diffuser as the ceramic disc has a life expectancy of 3-6 months. The replacement disc can be easily ordered.

What bubble count should I factor when using your CO2 system?

To maximize the lifespan of your CO2 cylinder, we suggest a bubble count of approximately one bubble every 2-4 seconds. This should deliver adequate CO2 in moderately planted tanks.

I installed a CO2 system a few days ago and one of the cylinders is already empty. Is this normal?

No. At a bubble every few seconds, the canister should last approximately 2-3 weeks. It is possible some CO2 escaped while adjusting the unit or attaching the CO2 cylinder. Verify if the regulator is leaking at the cylinder connection: it may simply require further tightening. To inspect for possible leaks at the gauge connection, remove the unit and apply soapy water to the connections, allowing you to see if any bubbles are being produced.

How do I dispose of my empty CO2 cylinders?

Once empty, CO2 cylinders can simply be recycled.

What is the hosing of your CO2 kit made from?

The hosing is made from silicone.

I am starting to inject CO2 into my planted tank. Should I remove carbon from my filter?

Yes, activated carbon can remove trapped gasses, including carbon dioxide.

My new ceramic CO2 diffuser disc is emitting large bubbles, rather than a fine mist. Is this normal?

Yes, new ceramic CO2 diffuser discs can take up to a week to begin emitting pressurised CO2 in a fine mist. It’s normal to see larger bubbles for the first few days of operation.

I connected my CO2 cylinder to the regulator and noticed it is only 3/4 full. Should the gauge not show that the brand new cylinder is full?

The regulator valve indicates pressure, measured in psi, not the degree to which a cylinder is filled. Typical pressure readings for a new cylinder range from 1100 to 1200 psi and depend on ambient temperature: in a warmer room, for example, the pressure reading will rise.

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I just added Fluval Aqua Plus Water Conditioner to my new tank. Can I add fish right away?

You can, but it’s always best to wait a day or two before adding fish. This will give you time to condition the water properly, and ensure all tank devices are in good working order.

Can I use this product for other application beyond water changes?

Yes. Thanks to its unique herbal extract formula, Aqua Plus Water Conditioner also has a calming effect on fish during transport and when introduced to a new aquarium. It also contains an effective colloid compound, which helps protects fish with fin, scale and skin damage

When dosing this product during a partial water change, do I consider the entire volume of the aquarium or only the water changed?

Dose only for the amount of water changed. We recommend adding this product directly to your replacement water before adding it to the tank.

I have good-quality tap water. Is this product really necessary?

Yes. Most tap water contains chlorine and/or chloramine, which is harmful to fish and kills beneficial bacteria that maintain healthy biological conditions. Aqua Plus Water Conditioner neutralizes these elements, rendering tap water safe for fish.

Is Fluval Aqua Plus Water Conditioner amine-based? I am using a resin-based filter media that is sensitive to amines.

No, Aqua Plus Water Conditioner is not amine-based.

I have an injured fish. Should I add more Water Conditioner to help it?

We recommend adding a full dose of Aqua Plus to your aquarium to protect the injured fish. Additional doses should not be necessary if the cause of the injury has been addressed. While Aqua Plus does help prevent infection, if there are any signs of disease we strongly recommend moving the affected fish to a quarantine aquarium for treatment with the right medication.

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