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Species Spotlight | Anubias

August 19, 2023
  • 5:59

  • 36172

  • 209

Aquatics expert Tom Sarac provides an in-depth overview of one of the most popular genera of plants – Anubias! Distributed throughout tropical central and western Africa, Anubias is widely regarded as one of the easiest plants to keep, requiring very little light and nutrients. When planting Anubias, ensure the rhizome is not submerged below the substrate, as this will lead to it rotting and the plant dying!

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#Fluval #SpeciesSpotlight #Anubias #fish #aquarium #fishtank #aquariumfish #aquariumhobby

0:00 – Introduction to Anubias
0:39 – Species diversity, tank size, substrate and appearance
3:30 – Water conditions
3:59 – Feeding
4:47 – Conclusion


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