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May 17, 2022 | By Tom Sarac

An aquarium heater is an essential piece of hardware for the keeping of most tropical fish, as consistent temperature is key to their health and long-term wellbeing. While temperature does fluctuate in the tropics, it does so at a slow and consistent pace within a narrow range. This means that an aquarium heater not only has to function accurately, but should incorporate features that help the aquatic enthusiast maintain and monitor water temperature.

All-New Fluval T Series submersible heaters combine electronic accuracy, reliable monitoring and several safety features to maintain desired water temperatures with convenience in mind! Let’s have a look at some of their key features that set them apart from the competition:

Accuracy & Reliability

Accuracy is key for any aquarium heating system. Ornamental tropical fish originate in the tropics where temperature conditions are very consistent, and therefore can easily become stressed or fall ill as a result of large temperature fluctuations. In order to ensure the desired temperature is accurately maintained, high-quality heaters should react very quickly to changes in water temperature. T Series heaters feature industry-leading temperature management technology: the integrated 24/7 monitoring system regulates water temperature and avoids large, unsafe fluctuations. Furthermore, the heaters feature an advanced electronic sensor that accurately maintains the desired water temperature. This guarantees the optimal water conditions and the safest environment for your fish: other aquarium heaters feature bi-metallic thermostats, which over time are more likely to fail.


Heater safety is a paramount consideration. While it is generally recommended to unplug a heater when placing your hands in an aquarium or before lowering the water level during a partial water change, mistakes and accidents are always a possibility. To prevent any mishaps, aquarium heaters should be equipped with automatic safety shut-off features. T Series heaters include these features: as soon as they are exposed to air, the safety shut-off automatically cuts power from the heater to prevent overheating and damage!

An equally important feature for aquarium heaters is a protective element to ensure larger or very active fish do not damage the heater by accidental impact. This is particularly common with large, fast-moving species, or with more aggressive, territorial fish. A heater guard positioned near the bottom of the tube can prevent such types of mishaps. For this reason, T Series heaters feature a rubber tipped heater guard for additional protection against accidental breakage.


A regular daily check of the thermometer, to ensure all is well in regard to the aquarium water temperature, is important. Most fish are poikilothermic, meaning they rely on their environment to regulate their body temperature, so there is very little room for error. The heater itself should have a clear indication as to whether it is on or in standby mode, to ensure it is functioning properly. T Series heaters feature a full wrap-around light ring that indicates the current heat mode clearly from any angle! If the 360° indicator light ring is red, the heating function is engaged, and if the light ring is blue, the heater is in standby mode.

Temperature Adjustment

Most modern heaters are fully submersible. Depending on their design, it can be difficult to adjust the set temperature: if the control dial is not large enough or cannot be easily gripped, making fine adjustments to the temperature setting when the heater is wet can be a challenge. T Series heaters feature an extra large grip dial that facilitates fine adjustments of water temperature from 72-90˚F / 22-32˚C, making aquarium water temperature regulation a breeze!

When choosing your next aquarium heater, keep these points in mind and opt for the next revolution in aquarium heating: all-new Fluval T Series electronic heaters.

Learn more about T Series heaters: https://youtu.be/Wt_TPYDVfk0


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