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May 12, 2020 | By Eric Nadon

Part 2: Organic Waste Reduction and Tap Water Conditioner Additives

Organic waste control is another reason biological supplements are necessary when establishing beneficial bacteria in your aquarium and filter. Organic detritus and sludge can accumulate on every surface in the aquarium, including the filter and its hosing, the substrate, and the various décor pieces. In aquariums with lots of fish or with larger fish species, this accumulation of organic material can be especially problematic. Regular dosing of Fluval Waste Control Biological Cleaner helps to establish a population of bacteria that will decompose this unwanted sludge and keep surfaces in the aquarium clean.

Composed of 4 different strains of Bacillus bacteria that are sourced from a variety of natural environments, Fluval Waste Control Biological Cleaner offers an effective solution to excess organics accumulating in an aquarium. Regular dosing helps to control nitrate levels, ensures adequate levels of dissolved oxygen in the water, and decreases the likelihood of algae issues.

Combining regular dosing of both Fluval Cycle Biological Enhancer and Waste Control Biological Cleaner is recommended, as this ensures that as organics are broken down, they are effectively and safely cycled. Furthermore, Waste Control Biological Cleaner helps keep biological filter media and other surfaces stay clean, which allows for more colonization by nitrifying bacteria. Cleaner filter surfaces support nitrification and a better operating environment for filtration.

In summary, the use of Fluval Waste Control Biological Cleaner is recommended in the following situations:

  • After water changes in new and established aquariums, whether organic waste is visible or not
  • In heavily populated aquariums, in aquariums with larger fish species, or turtle aquariums
  • In case of accidental overfeeding

The use of a comprehensive tap water conditioner, such as Fluval AquaPlus Water Conditioner, is absolutely necessary in aquariums. It is puzzling that many hobbyists are still unsure whether the use of such a product is required, as tap water conditioners help make your aquarium safe for fish in a number of ways. Here are some examples:

  • Tap water is not safe for fish, as it can contain chlorine, chloramine, and various heavy metals. Chlorine levels are variable throughout the year: in summer months, for example, cities typically inject more of it to compensate for losses as the water temperature rises. Old water distribution networks contain corroding metal pipes that leach various metals into the water. New copper piping can leach copper into the water, which is lethal to fish and invertebrates in soft water conditions. The use of Fluval AquaPlus Water Conditioner safely and effectively eliminates all of these risks.
  • Fish experience stress when introduced into a new aquarium, during water changes, if they are chased by other fish, and in many other situations. Fluval AquaPlus Water Conditioner contains natural extracts that have been proven to reduce stress in fish.
  • Fish have protective mucous membranes, commonly called slime coats. These membranes help protect fish against parasites, bacteria, and even oxidizers like chlorine. Furthermore, these membranes help the fish heal if they sustain skin, scale or fin damage after being caught in a fish net or being nipped by another fish. Fluval AquaPlus Water Conditioner contains natural compounds that add to a fish’s mucous membrane and helps to protect it.


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