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Filtration & Media


December 13, 2018 | By Tom Sarac

Performing preventative maintenance on your FX canister filter will go a long way to ensuring optimal and long-lasting performance. Here are some highly-beneficial tips that will help keep your filter in tip-top shape.


Always rinse filter hosing thoroughly a minimum of 2-3 times a year. This helps prevent debris from being blown into the aquarium after re-starting your filter. If you move your filter during maintenance, always verify that the rubber feet are intact before re-filling your filter.

When positioning hosing after installation or after maintenance activities, make sure you avoid any loops or bends. Create as straight a path as possible for the hosing to support maximum flow, and reduce the chances of poorer filter circulation rates.


The anti-vibration rubber feet should be placed at the bottom of the canister to eliminate noise or vibration emanating from your filter.


Use silicone o-ring lubricant after servicing your filter to help avoid pinching and distorting the O-rings, which could cause filter leaks. We don’t recommend using Vaseline or other petroleum-based products.


When installing granular filter media in your filter i.e. carbon or ammonia remover, place it in a filter media bag to keep particles from entering the pump. This will prevent particles from jamming the impeller.


When positioning filter media, be sure to place the finest media such as a polishing pad or a biological foam filter pad in the bottom filter media basket. This will prevent particles from potentially jamming the impeller or causing noise.

When considering filter media for your FX filter, remember that water flows through the filter from top to bottom.


Once you’ve had your filter for some time, you may notice a constant emission of fine air bubbles. This would be attributed to the drying up or hardening of a rubber hose connector, thus causing air to be pulled into the filter. Our recommendation is to replace this (inexpensive) part 1-2 times a year. It is worth mentioning that regular filter media cleaning and replacement will also help prevent excessive air build-up.


You may find the input stem moves or shifts fairly easily after having used the filter for 5 or 6 months. This is generally the result of your suction cups hardening. This is also expected. Therefore, a bi-annual replacement of the suction cups is recommended to help prevent a reoccurrence.


While the pump impeller is a durable, heavy duty unit, it is the only moving part. It will wear out and eventually, it will need to be replaced.

If you notice a noise and vibration, you may have to remove the pump to inspect and clean the impeller. At the same time, the bushing should be replaced. A spare impeller bushing and bushing removal tool are included in your replacement impeller box. If you continue to hear a noise, a replacement of the impeller assembly may be necessary.

Keeping your filter operating at peak efficiency is not difficult, but rather it is simply a matter of following up on key maintenance activities. Enjoy your new FX series canister filter!


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