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Filtration & Media


December 13, 2018 | By Tom Sarac

High performance filtration has been a trademark of the Fluval FX series since inception. This series built its claim to fame by featuring strong European engineering combined with quality build strength and big capacity.

Featuring a 43 W (120V/60Hz) workhorse pump that is governed by Smart PumpTM technology ensures every watt of power consumed is used to move water and drive the system efficiently. However, there is more beyond its sheer brute force. Combining 20 L (5 US Gal) of filtration volume to a reliable, intelligently-tuned pump allows the FX6 to make the most of its enormous filtration capacity

Thanks to the cavernous volume this system provides, you can take advantage of filtering aquariums up to 1500 L (400 US Gal) while enjoying longer intervals between required maintenance activities. For the dedicated aquarist, the option to conveniently open the canister for quick access to rinse and clean mechanical media is a bonus.

All Fluval filters are purposely designed with easy modular media containment to encourage regular and easy filter media maintenance. Like water changes, regular filter media replacement and maintenance keeps organic material out of your aquarium and your filter for best water quality.

We’ve had great success with both the first generation FX5 and current FX6 filters systems and now, the new FX4 will bridge the gap between Fluval’s 406 canister filter and the FX6.

Rated for aquariums up to 1000 L (250 US Gal), the FX4 slots in perfectly between the FX6 (1500 L/400 US Gal), and the 406 (400 L/100 US Gal). Yes, we’ve rounded off litre measurements. The same can be approximated for both filter volume and filter circulation rates when it comes to the FX4 vs. the 406 and the FX6.

The FX6 together with its newest FX4 mate, feature a gravel cleaning accessory that conveniently connects to the utility valve. This new power filter-driven gravel cleaner boasts some serious suction power, which is great for larger tanks with deep gravel beds, reef aquariums (keeps live rock surfaces and pores clean), and heavily-stocked tanks with larger fish.

Let’s face it, as beautiful as a school of 500 neons look in an 83 cm, 416 L (6 ft., 110 US Gal) tank, many aquariums this size contain larger fish, filters with big volume and powerful flow rates. With that said, size does matter, and bigger aquariums, bigger or many fish means you need a stronger filter with more capability. The Fluval FX filtration series certainly has you covered here.


NEW! Fluval FX4 & FX6 Canister Filters
European ingenuity has fueled the next generation of FX canister filters, which feature patented SMART PUMP™ performance-optimizing technology, a built-in water change system, multi-stage filtration with enhanced media flexibility and even an optional powered FX Gravel Vac with independent filtering capability.


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