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January 28, 2020 | By Eric Marquis

Fluval prides itself on being more than just an aquatic manufacturer. For years, our brand has been recognized as a champion of responsible fish care – a topic we enthusiastically promote via our website, social media and other communication channels in order to setup hobbyists for success and help ensure the proper treatment of the livestock in their care.

As of 2020, we’re excited to add conservation awareness to our educational efforts. More specifically, our team has carefully selected 3 conservation partners, each of which bring a completely different yet important cause to the table. While each group is unique in their approach, the common thread that binds them is a desire to make a profound and positive impact on our natural aquatic environments and, by extension, the fishkeeping hobby.

Fluval’s goal is to help bring awareness and funding to these causes and, after learning more about them, we hope to inspire you to do the same. Whether you lend your time, money or simply open your mind to these groups, we thank you for giving back to the hobby in some way. By working together, we can help ensure our generation (and those that follow) will continue to enjoy the passion of fishkeeping for years to come.


It’s believed that one third of freshwater species are now threatened with extinction. Since 1970, 35% of wetland habitats have been lost, declining at a rate 3 times faster than forestland. In the same time period, the abundance of freshwater species populations has diminished by 83%. Millions of people around the world depend on freshwater fish and habitats for either their nutrition, livelihood or personal passion. Until now, they have had few opportunities to contribute to the conservation and sustainability of these species. Shoal is unleashing this untapped, neglected potential to accelerate and intensify action for their protection. By bringing key stakeholders together to help reverse the alarming trends, Shoal is uniting the efforts of conservation groups, zoos, universities, companies, individuals and the greater aquatic community for maximum impact. Action is based on the best science, builds on the experience of projects in every corner of the world, and is delivered through strategic collaborations propelled by new funding from those who care and are willing to act. This is what Shoal is all about.

To follow and support their efforts, please register for free: https://shoalconservation.org/shoal-registration


Photo credit © Michel Roggo


Coral Restoration Foundation™ (CRF) was founded in 2007 in response to the widespread loss of the dominant coral species on the Florida Reef Tract. The organization works to support the reefs’ natural recovery processes through large-scale cultivation in offshore Coral Tree Nurseries, which is followed by outplanting on strategic sites that are carefully monitored. Since 2012, they have outplanted more than 100,000 critically endangered staghorn and elkhorn corals back onto the Florida Reef Tract. Today, CRF has become the largest coral restoration non-profit in the world, and works with government agencies including NOAA, universities, NGOs, private companies and others. They engage and empower the general public in the mission to save our planet’s coral reefs through dive programs, educational activities, scientific collaborations and outreach events.

To learn more: https://www.coralrestoration.org


Oliver Lucanus

Oliver is a lifelong aquarist with over 35 years of experience in keeping, importing and photographing fish. He has travelled to many countries to collect and document fish and their biotopes, which includes leading Fluval expeditions to South America. Oliver also works for the Canadian Airborne Biodivesity Observatory, a research project documenting natural spaces using remote sensing. He is the co-founder of the Fish + Forest Project at McGill University in Montreal, a project that unites earth science and fish ecology to gain a better understanding of the threatened ecosystems worldwide. As an active field agent and official Fluval Conservation Ambassador, Oliver will take our social media fans where no one else can go, helping to educate them on a variety of environmental issues affecting fish habitats and the aquarium hobby.

To learn more:



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