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Filtration & Media


September 4, 2019 | By 1

Fluval filters offer maximized filtration capacity and flexibility: every available square inch of filter volume is utilized and media is positioned intelligently in order to deliver the most effective filtration possible. Ultimately, however, the efficiency of an aquarium filter depends entirely on the media it contains.

Your filter is only as effective as the media you put in it! Using non-authentic filter media exposes you and your aquarium to a number of risks: the introduction of contaminants, inconsistent filtration performance, and reduced performance due to irregularities, amongst others.

Why use authentic Fluval media?

Higher quality: Fluval laboratories use only premium-grade, long-lasting materials and compounds to ensure your aquarium water is healthy and free of any contaminants.

Better consistency: as a result of more than 40 years of product development and testing, Fluval has implemented an extensive quality assurance program to achieve the highest media efficiency and dependability possible.

Greater effectiveness: Fluval media is custom-made for Fluval filters to most effectively trap waste and debris. Fluval foams, for example, are laser-cut to eliminate water bypass altogether. The use of non-authentic media can result in irregularities or gaps that reduce filter performance.

The following is an overview of a few of the products in Fluval’s authentic media lineup:

Carbon: removes harmful toxins and odors. Fluval carbon is manufactured from bituminous coal, which is optimized for water filtration due to its pore size. Other brands use coconut shell-based carbon, which is in fact better suited for air filtration.

Ammonia Remover: neutralizes toxic ammonia to help prevent fish loss. Fluval utilizes a new zeolite source material, clinoptilolite, which has improved purity levels for greater ammonium absorption capacity. Clinoptilolite is frequently used in municipal water filtration systems due to its efficiency.

Aquatic Peat: an all-natural way to acidify aquarium water via the release of tannins and humic acids into the water. Fluval peat is in the form of compressed pellets, for an enhanced, concentrated effect on lowering pH.

Resin Infused Pads: custom cut and stackable. The pads (Ammonia, Nitrite, and Phosphate) are laser-cut to entirely eliminate bypass and are stackable so they can be mixed in any combination for a wide range of benefits in a space-saving format.

Biomax: maximized surface area to host greater densities of nitrifying bacteria species, and thus to more effectively transform nitrogen compounds into non-toxic forms. Fluval Biomax features an extensive micropore structure, with channels, nooks, and crannies ideal for nitrifying bacteria species. Additionally, each Fluval Biomax cylinder features a mega-pore for enhanced surface area.

To own an aquarium is to assume responsibility of the wellbeing of the aquatic organisms that inhabit it. It is therefore the aquarist’s duty to provide them with the best opportunity to thrive. As such, investing in a quality filter, and protecting this investment with the corresponding filter media, is necessary. Your fish deserve the best – give it to them with Fluval authentic media!

To learn more, watch this video!


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