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December 13, 2018 | By Eric Nadon


After getting all our gear into the tents, we take our first walk into the primal rainforest while lunch is being prepared in the equally derelict kitchen. In our short 30-minute walk we discover a frog and a black forest cobra. Not too bad for a start! It starts to rain and we make our way back to the camp. We arrive completely soaked and have to hang up our clothes. Lunch consists of grilled chicken, vegetables and couscous. Fresh papaya and coffee complete our first meal in the jungle, and we all agree that this is much better than what we expected.

By now the rain has stopped, and after a short rest we venture out into the bush again. This time, we discover various frogs, two skinks and a beautiful green mamba. Each animal is closely photographed and filmed before being released back into its natural habitat. I catch a few killifish, a characin and a cichlid (Hemichromis fasciatus) in a small biotope nearby.

By now the heat has become very intense again and sweat trickles down our bodies until our clothes are drenched. The rain keeps coming back now and again. We spent the whole afternoon in the forest, but when the heat becomes too much, we go back to the camp and decide to make another excursion with the boat.

The cool breeze on the boat is wonderful and we race through the mangrove swamps to cool ourselves. We even spot a forest elephant. Shortly after 6 pm we are back in the camp settling in for the long night. We all take a bucket shower, apply insect repellent and then gather in our “living room”. It is already pitch black by 7 pm as the night descends on us like a hot, wet blanket. The humidity usually drops between 4 pm and 6:30 pm but only to gain momentum again after it gets dark. Tonight the temperature is 28°C with humidity at 96%. Good night Akaka!


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