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About Us


Fluval is on a mission to bring inspiration and innovation to fish keepers around the world. Through ground-breaking product technologies, educational initiatives, conservation efforts and strong social media engagement, our brand speaks to all generations of hobbyists to foster a sustainable future where aquatic life and humankind can thrive in harmony.


Fluval first broke onto the aquatic scene in 1975 by introducing the world’s first 3-stage filter with synchronous motor technology – a breakthrough still applied in the industry today.


Fluval products combine cutting edge technology, advanced materials, and modern design to push the boundaries of performance and functionality.

Fluval prides itself on its charitable and educational efforts that give back to the fishkeeping community, whether it’s promoting responsible fish care, funding the restoration of wild coral reefs, or travelling halfway around the world to bring awareness to endangered fish species.

For nearly half a century, Fluval has represented quality and craftmanship by producing reliable aquarium products that hobbyists know and trust.

From housing to filtration, lighting to heating, nutrition to water
care and everything in between, Fluval products are represented across all aquatic categories and available in every corner of the globe via aquatic specialty retailers.


Fluval is a proud part of the Hagen Group – a family operated business founded in 1955 by Rolf C. Hagen. While Hagen has grown to become the world’s largest privately owned pet product manufacturer and distributor, we remain humble to our roots and are driven by a common bond of love and compassion for animals. Underlying this philosophy is one simple and undisputable fact: Pets are not only the heart of our business, but they’re also the reason we are in business. For nearly 7 decades, Hagen has earned the trust of pet parents worldwide by creating products that enhance the health and welfare of animals with quality, safety, and reliability in mind.

Company founder Rolf C. Hagen

Two generations of Hagen family leadership.

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