Spray Bar Kit for 06, 07 Canister Filter

Spray Bar Kit for 06, 07 Canister Filter

Item #: A234 | UPC: 015561102346

Fluval Spray Bar Kit is used to direct water to any area of the aquarium, increasing surface agitation and improving oxygenation that is essential for a healthy aquarium.

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  • Specifically designed for the Fluval 07 and 06 performance canister series
  • Increases the amount of oxygen in your tank for healthier fish and plants
  • Distributes water evenly for delicate aquascapes
  • Eliminates dead spots in your aquarium
  • Attaches to your filter outlet with hose adapter (all attachments included)
  • Extendable from 15-30″ / 38-76 cm
  • For use in freshwater and saltwater aquariums

Increases and decreases surface agitation depending on positioning:
Below surface: Place Spray bar below the water to create gentle, consistent water movement
Above surface: Place Spray bar above the water in order to get the best surface agitation and oxygenation

What’s Included

  • Perforated tube with end cap (15″ / 30 cm)
  • Perforated tube extension (15″ / 30 cm)
  • Tube connector
  • J connector
  • Elbow
  • Suction cups (x 4)
  • Clips (x 4)

Instruction Manual & Warranty

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Questions & Answers

Should the spray bar kit be located above or below the water surface of my aquarium?

To maximize surface agitation and oxygenation, place the spray bar immediately above the water surface. Otherwise, place the spray bar below the water surface for gentle, consistent water movement.

My spray bar kit is making a whistling noise. Why is this happening?

The whistling noise is occuring due to the force of water moving through the spray bar holes. Try adding another section to the spray bar or reducing the filter output slightly.

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