SK400 Surface Skimmer, up to 400 L

SK400 Surface Skimmer, up to 400 L

Item #: A208 | UPC: 015561102087

The SK400 Surface Skimmer removes unwanted water surface film to help improve oxygenation and light penetration for a cleaner and healthier aquarium. Over time, surface films can develop from oils on your skin, household dust, cooking smoke, fat content within fish food and more. These films are not only visually unsightly, but also reduce dissolved oxygen (required by fish to breathe) and decrease light levels (needed by live plants to grow).

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  • Powered operation – consistent skimming functionality removes surface film in a flash and prevents future build-up
  • Flow control slider adjusts overall flow strength, allowing for use in both small and large aquariums (up to 400 L)
  • Intake regulator dial permits skimming intensity to be adjusted
  • Output diffuser allows for unidirectional or multi-directional flow
  • Unique backside spacer permits placement on rimmed and rimless aquariums
  • Compact size – unit can be positioned anywhere in aquarium without obstructing view
  • Floating intake assembly self-adjusts to ensure uninterrupted use as aquarium water level fluctuates
  • Fine filter sponge efficiently traps particles for superior water clarity
  • Modular design allows parts to be easily accessed, removed and cleaned
  • Energy-efficient – draws only 2.8W for low-cost operation

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