PS2 Mini Protein Skimmer, up to 20 US Gal / 80 L

PS2 Mini Protein Skimmer, up to 20 US Gal / 80 L

Item #: 14324 | UPC: 015561143240

Compact yet powerful, the PS2 Protein Skimmer helps remove dissolved organic compounds and other harmful substances from your nano aquarium before they have a chance to break down into dangerous waste.

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  • Designed for saltwater aquariums between 5 and 20 gallons
  • 32 needle-wheel impeller increases air-to-water contact ratio, creating ideal bubble size for maximum protein collection
  • Adjustable flow regulators control amount of air entering reaction chamber to produce perfect amount of “skimmate”
  • Adjustable water-level control valve regulates skimming performance
  • Large reaction chamber mixes air and water effectively to remove organic waste from water molecules
  • Clear collection cup allows for easy monitoring of waste and removal for cleaning
  • Versatile mounting options – adjustable hanging bracket and suction cups included
  • Modular design is easy to access and clean

What’s Included

  • Adjustable air intake valve
  • Collection cup
  • Collection cup lid
  • Water level control valve
  • Foam bubble trap
  • Front housing
  • Rear housing
  • Impeller cover
  • Pump
  • Impeller
  • Power cord
  • Suction cups
  • Housing clip for mounting options
  • Hanging bracket
  • Housing clip
  • Hanging bracket with lock
  • Air intake tube

Instruction Manual & Warranty

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Questions & Answers

How do I know if my Fluval Protein Skimmer is working properly?

It usually takes about a week for a new protein skimmer to break in. When adjusting your skimmer, start with the air input at maximum and slowly push the skimmer collection cup down until you see the type of skimmate desired (dark brown to black coloration, and not too watery, is ideal). Be patient and allow for a day or two after each adjustment to evaluate.

Do Fluval Protein Skimmers remove surface films?

No. Protein skimmers remove organic compounds such as food and waste particles from saltwater aquariums. To help remove surface films, use a surface skimmer.

I added Fluval Aqua Plus Water Conditioner to my aquarium after a partial water change. Why has my protein skimmer overflowed?

This is due to the fish-protecting colloids included in Fluval Aqua Plus Water Conditioner. Simply shut off your skimmer for a couple of hours to prevent this from happening in the future.

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