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Vicenza 260 LED Aquarium Kit, 260 L (69 US Gal), Oak

Item #: 19254 | UPC: 015561192545
Format: 64 H (134 H cm with cabinet) x 121 W x 46 D cm
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With its graceful curves, the Vicenza bow-fronted aquarium adds a beautiful dimension to flat walls. Designed to enhance modern decor with a choice of finishes to coordinate with today’s look.

  • 260 L / 69 US Gal aquarium
  • LED lighting system with 27 W LED light encourages plant growth and enhances fish colours
  • Compatible with additional Fluval LED lighting
  • Fluval 307 External Filter
  • Fluval M 300 W Heater
  • Aquarium Care Guide
  • Aquarium measurements – 64 H x 121 W x 46 D cm
  • Matching cabinet available (sold separately) – Black (Item #18217), Oak (Item #18215), Walnut (Item #18216)

Aquarium dimensions: 64 H x 121 W x 46 D cm (134 cm with cabinet)
Aquarium Capacity: 260 L / 69 US Gal
Filter Flow Rate: 1150 LPH
Light: 27 W LED Light
Stocking levels: Allow 1 cm bodylength of fish (excluding the tail) per 3 L of water. Miniature fish species must be kept in shoals of at least 4 or 5 individuals. Please consult with your dealer for fish species compatibility and recommended stocking.

27 W LED light with programmable light timer, Fluval 307 external filter, Fluval M 300 W heater and a Fluval aquarium care guide.





2 Year Limited Warranty

When this aquarium is purchased, Rolf C. Hagen UK Ltd. will honor a two year non-transferable warranty period against leakage due to defective materials and / or workmanship. This warranty is limited to the replacement of the aquarium and excludes responsibility for glass breakage due to negligence or mishandling. The warranty does not cover consequential loss of or damage to animate or inanimate objects. The warranty is valid with proof of purchase only.