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U2 Underwater Filter, up to 110 L (30 US Gal)

Item #: A470 | UPC: 015561104708
Format: 10 L x 9 W x 20 H cm (4 L x 3.5 W x 8 H")
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Offering outstanding 3-stage filtration, increased water movement and vital aeration, Fluval U-Series internal filters are the perfect solution where external filtration is not possible.

  • Designed for aquarium up to 30 gallons
  • Use as a primary filter for smaller aquariums, or supplementary filter for larger aquariums
  • Position horizontally for shallow tanks, larger tanks with low water levels, or to create a decorative waterfall feature
  • Position vertically against aquarium wall to create currents or customized flow patterns
  • Convenient flip-top lid allows for quick and easy access to filter cartridge for maintenance or replacement
  • Adjustable 3-way flow control – Top Output for circulation and oxygenation, Integrated Spray Bar for a gentle even flow, and Bottom Output for deepwater agitation
  • BioMax biological media included
  • Made in Italy
  • Ideal for freshwater, saltwater and reptile environments
Item #
Aquarium Capacity14.5 US Gal
(55 L)
12-30 US Gal
(45-110 L)
24-40 US Gal
(90-150 L)
34-65 US Gal
(130-240 L)
Pump Output65 US Gal/h
(250 L/h)
105 US Gal/h
(400 L/h)
155 US Gal/h
(600 L/h)
260 US Gal/h
(1000 L/h)
5 W5 W6 W12 W
4.5 W5 W7.5 W10 W
(L x W x H)
4 x 3 x 6"
(10 x 8 x 15 cm)
8 x 3.5 x 4"
(20 x 9 x 10 cm)
10.5 x 3.25 x 4"
(26.7 x 8.3 x 10 cm)
13 x 4 x 4.5"
(33 x 10 x 11 cm)
  • 2 Foam Pads
  • 2 Poly/Carbon Cartridges
  • BioMax Biological Rings


Fluval U Series Power Filters are guaranteed against defects in material or workmanship under normal aquarium usage and service for 3 years. We offer a 3 year guarantee on all nonreplaceable parts which means that the filter will be repaired or replaced at the manufacturer’s discretion, free of charge, when the complete pump is returned with proof of purchase and postage paid. This warranty does not apply to any filter that has been subjected to misuse, negligence, or tampering. No liability is assumed with respect to loss or damage to livestock or personal property irrespective of the cause thereof.


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I change the carbon in my filter every couple of weeks. Is this too often?

No. It’s better (and easier) to prevent odors rather than having to remove them once they’ve accumulated. Some fish are messy eaters, or are more prone to producing large amounts of waste, so prevention is key.

Do you have any tips for fixing common filtration issues?

I found a fish stuck to the intake of my filter. Is the flow too strong?

You don’t need to be concerned about your filter being too powerful for use with healthy fish, many of whom swim in natural habitats with much stronger currents. If a fish became stuck to the intake of your filter, it’s likely that the fish was already sick. Take note that you can adjust the filter output strength to suit your particular fish species.

How do I know when it’s time to change my filter media?

Why will my U Series filter not restart after maintenance?

The impeller assembly may be dirty. Detach the motor, pull out the impeller, and clean the magnet and impeller well. Also inspect the impeller for long-term wear, as it operates 24 hours/day and does require periodic replacement.

Why isn’t the spray bar or bottom outlet of my U series filter producing bubbles?

The venturi air valve only operates on the top outlet of the filter.

What general maintenance tips do you have for U series filters?

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