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Naturalist Kit, 38 x 13 cm (15 x 5″)

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Format: 38 x 13 cm (15 x 5")
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This ensemble of aquarium ornaments is designed to blend in naturally in your aquarium. The kit includes lifelike replicas of driftwood, an aquatic plant, and moss stones that all look like the real thing. Designed with attention to detail, these stunning ornaments will add an interesting visual accent to your aquarium.

  • Detailed driftwood and grass replica ornament adds a natural look to any aquarium
  • Easy to clean and maintain
Dimensions (L x H): 39 x 13 cm (15 x 5 in)
  • Driftwood
  • Aquatic plant
  • Three moss stones



I recently set up an aquarium with driftwood. Why is the water now brown?

Before adding any natural driftwood to your aquarium, we strongly recommend pre-soaking it for at least a few days, changing the water regularly while doing so. After doing that and placing the wood in your aquarium, use Fluval Carbon or Total Clear to effectively clear and remove any discoloration.

Why do some wood pieces float while others sink?

Not all pieces of wood will sink right away, or at all. This is a natural product and, as such, there can be variations from one piece to another. We suggest pre-soaking the wood in a clean bucket for about a week, while changing the water once to twice daily. Some pieces may need to be weighed down for the first couple of weeks once added to your aquarium.

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