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307 Performance Canister Filter, up to 330 L (70 US Gal)

Item #: A446 | UPC: 015561104463
Format: 90-330 L (40-70 US Gal) / 24 x 18 x 42 cm (9.5 x 7 x 16.5”)
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07 series marks the 7th incarnation in 4 decades of Fluval’s top selling canister filter family worldwide. Not only does the latest generation incorporate the power and reliability you’ve come to expect from the leader in aquatic filtration, but it also features several new performance upgrades that make it up to 25% quieter and more robust, energy-efficient, flexible and easier to use than ever before.

  • Fluval eTEC (Efficient Technology) construction employs cutting-edge design, materials & manufacturing methods to deliver powerful pump performance, reduced energy consumption & ultra-quiet operation
  • Powerful motor generates constant pumping power and pressure that endures over time
  • Re-engineered, precision-crafted pump runs up to 25% quieter than previous generation
  • Energy-efficient – some 07 series filters draw as little energy as a single household LED lightbulb
  • Redesigned, substantially enlarged rubber feet stabilizers offer superior vibration-dampening ability and added protection
  • New ergonomic AquaStop valves with raised lip for smoother operation
  • Single action dual Lift-Lock motorhead clamps for quick release and attachment
  • Redesigned Primer with larger easy-grip handle provides fast, effortless start-ups with just a few pumps
  • EZ-Lift media baskets with new center handle allow media stack to be removed with just 1 finger for quick access (less mess & no need to empty canister of water)
  • Unique vertical pre-filter cartridge with independent access provides more surface area and better mechanical filtration
  • All necessary authentic Fluval media included
  • Designed and manufactured in Europe
Item #
Aquarium Capacity*40-130 L
(10-30 US Gal)
60-220 L
(20-45 US Gal)
90-330 L
(40-70 US Gal)
150-500 L
(50-100 US Gal)
Pump Performance550 L/h
(145 US Gal/h)
780 L/h
(206 US Gal/h)
1150 L/h
(303 US Gal/h)
1450 L/h
(383 US Gal/h)
Vertical Pre-filter514 cm2803 cm2803 cm21074 cm2
Basket Volume1.2 L1.8 L3.1 L4.2 L
Total Chamber Volume2.0 L3.1 L4.5 L6.0 L
Canister Volume3.9 L5.3 L7.3 L9.2 L
Filter Circulation**360 L/h
(95 US Gal/h)
460 L/h
(121 US Gal/h)
780 L/h
(206 US Gal/h)
930 L/h
(245 US Gal/h)
Max Water Column Height1.45 m1.45 m1.75 m2.25 m
(120V/60 Hz)
10 W10 W16 W23 W
10 W10 W15 W20 W
Filter Dimensions
(L x W x H)
19 x 18 x 35 cm
(7.5 x 7 x 13.7”)
19 x 18 x 42 cm
(7.5 x 7 x 16.5”)
24 x 18 x 42 cm
(9.5 x 7 x 16.5”)
24 x 18 x 49 cm
(9.5 x 7 x 19.3”)
  • Bio-Foam Max
  • Bio-Foam
  • 70 g Carbon
  • Quick-Clear
  • Bio-Foam+
  • AquaStop valve
  • Ribbed hosing
  • Rim connectors
  • Intake tube
  • Intake strainer
  • Intake stem with intake strainer
  • Pre-Filter basket
  • Media basket
  • Media basket cover
  • Media basket handle
  • Suction cup (30 mm)
  • Output nozzle
  • 2 rubber hose connectors
  • Instruction manual

3 YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY (plus a 2-year extended warranty upon registration*)

Fluval 07 Series External Filters are warranted against defects in material and workmanship under normal aquarium usage and service for three (3) years from date of purchase. Non-replaceable and non-serviceable parts will be repaired or replaced at Hagen’s discretion, free of charge, when the complete filter is returned with all components along with a valid proof of purchase and postage paid. The warranty does not cover wear and tear parts such as the impeller assembly or motor seal ring. The warranty does not cover wear and tear or parts which have not been adequately or correctly maintained. The warranty is limited to repair or replacement only and does not cover consequential loss, loss or damage to livestock, personal property or damage to animate or inanimate objects, irrespective of the cause thereof. This warranty is valid only under normal operating conditions for which the unit is intended. This excludes any damage caused by unreasonable use, negligence, improper installation, tampering, abuse or commercial use. Before returning the filter under warranty terms, please ensure that all setup and maintenance instructions have been followed. If you are in doubt, please contact your local aquatic specialist retailer for further advice before returning the product. WARRANTY IS ONLY VALID WITH PROOF OF PURCHASE FROM AN AUTHORIZED FLUVAL DEALER. WARRANTY DOES NOT AFFECT YOUR STATUTORY RIGHTS.

*For more details visit: fluvalaquatics.com/warranty


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How do I remove surface film from my aquarium water?

A surface film can be the result of cooking smoke, skin oils, dust accumulation, and/or fish food, which naturally includes fat content. We recommend the use of a surface skimmer (#A240) connected to the inlet of your Fluval 07 filter.

The lid on my filter is difficult to close and leaks near the motor head clips.

We recommend a thorough cleaning of the motor head O-ring and applying Fluval silicone lubricant (#A325). It’s normal for the O-ring to require replacement after a few years of use. Ensure that the O-ring is inserted correctly into the motor head groove, and that the motor head is properly positioned, aligning the power cord with the notch on the canister.

How do I prevent baby fish from being pulled into my filter?

Make an incision in the center of a coarse, open cell foam filter block and insert the siphon tube strainer into it. We recommend rinsing the block every 2 weeks to ensure proper filtration performance.

Can I connect an inline heater model to my filter?

No. Fluval canister filters use ribbed flexible hosing, which is not ideal for installing such equipment.

Why do I have difficulty restarting my canister filter after cleaning it?

First, check your impeller and impeller shaft as it’s possible either of these are damaged and need to be replaced, or are very dirty and require cleaning. It’s also possible the impeller cover has not been reattached correctly. Finally, verify that the filter has been properly primed: always ensure that the filter output is above the water surface when priming.

I’ve noticed decreased performance and the need for increased maintenance frequency on my canister filter. Am I doing something wrong?

This usually indicates an increased load on your filter due to either the growth of your fish, the recent introduction of additional fish, increased waste production (leftover food, excrement, etc.), or clogged filter media in need of replacement.

I replaced the impeller of my canister filter and noticed a small leak coming from the handle when shutting down. What should I do?

The leak is most likely from the canister O-ring. Before you purchase a replacement, remove and clean it with warm water. Thoroughly wipe the receiving groove in the filter with a soft cloth. Apply Fluval silicone lubricant (#A325) to the O-ring.

How does head height affect filter output performance?

07 series filters are closed re-circulation filter systems: head height has no real impact on performance. The length of tubing and the types of filter media are key factors affecting filter output performance. We recommend never exceeding the specified vertical distance in your instruction manual as this will cause the filter to exceed the maximum head pressure value, which could cause the filter to leak and fail.

I change the carbon in my filter every couple of weeks. Is this too often?

No. It’s better (and easier) to prevent odours rather than having to remove them once they’ve accumulated. Some fish are messy eaters, or are more prone to producing large amounts of waste, so prevention is key.

Do you have any tips for fixing common filtration issues?

I found a fish stuck to the intake of my filter. Is the flow too strong?

You don’t need to be concerned about your filter being too powerful for use with healthy fish, many of whom swim in natural habitats with much stronger currents. If a fish became stuck to the intake of your filter, it’s likely that the fish was already sick. Take note that you can adjust the filter output strength to suit your particular fish species.

I just purchased a Fluval canister filter for my well-stocked tank. Is there additional media required, other than what came with the filter?

Fluval Total Clear will crystallize the water and rapidly remove organics, providing better overall water quality. Also consider adding a coarse pre-filter media at the bottom of the filter to support improved long-term performance.

Why is my canister filter emitting bursts of fine air bubbles on my aquarium?

FRESHWATER: It’s important to perform regular filter maintenance (media rinsing and replacement) to prevent media from compacting, which can result in air accumulation. Also make sure to verify the inlet rubber hose connector that attaches to the siphon tube, which does dry out over time and becomes hard and non-flexible, thus requiring periodic replacement.

SALTWATER: This is probably due to your filter taking in the fine air bubbles introduced to the aquarium by protein skimmers. Make sure to use an effective bubble trap at the skimmer output or within the sump to prevent this from happening.

How do I know when it’s time to change my filter media?

Why is the motor of my canister filter making a low, rumbling noise?

Noise originating from the motor suggests that the impeller assembly needs to be replaced. As the only moving part in your filter that operates 24 hours/day, the impeller does eventually wear and is therefore not covered under warranty. Also, verify that the filter has been properly primed (always ensure the filter output is above the water surface when priming), as this will help ensure trapped air is not the cause of the noise.

Can I place Bio-Foam Max filter pads on both sides of the Pre-Filter Cartridge?

No. Due to their shape, Bio-Foam Max filter pads can only be inserted on the left side of the Pre-Filter Cartridge, as the first filter media.

What are the correct steps for disconnecting the AquaStop valve?

How do I maintain the impeller assembly?

How should I clean the intake stem and strainer?

What’s the best way to clean the ribbed hosing?

How do I clean the primer assembly and cover?

Do you have any motorhead gasket maintenance tips?

How do I maintain the AquaStop O-ring gaskets?

The lid on my filter is difficult to close and leaks near the motor head clips.

We recommend a thorough cleaning of the motor head O-ring and applying Fluval silicone lubricant (#A325). It’s normal for the O-ring to require replacement after a year of use. Ensure that the O-ring is inserted correctly into the motor head groove and that the motor head is properly positioned.

Can I safely reduce the output of my 07 series canister filter?

The output flow of Fluval 07 series canister filters can be safely reduced by up to 50%. In order to do this, move the white top lever of the AquaStop valve away from the red bottom lever, up to an angle of 45 degrees.

I’ve noticed a white, slimy film on the rubber hose connectors of my canister filter. Is this dangerous for my fish?

This white, slimy film is bio-film, and it is harmless. We recommend cleaning canister filter hosing and rubber hose connectors as part of normal maintenance to help mitigate the growth of bio-film.

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