Ultraviolet clarification (also known as ultraviolet sterilization) is a proven technology that has a long history of aquarium use: its benefits range from controlling and eradicating suspended bacteria, suspended single cell algae, and various unwanted pathogens, to improving overall water clarity. The most effective wavelength for these purposes is 253 nm, which falls squarely into the UVC spectrum of light. While using a UVC Clarifier does not replace important aquarium husbandry practices such as regular partial water changes, regular filter maintenance, and the quarantining of new fish, it does add an extra layer of filtration that cannot be obtained otherwise.

Let’s review some cases in which the use of a UVC Clarifier has been proven to be advantageous!

Suspended Algae

Placing an aquarium where it provides the best visual appeal is essential to enjoying this great hobby. This can mean, however, that some natural light may reach the aquarium at certain times of the day. This can quickly lead to suspended algae blooms, where nothing is seen in the aquarium other than green water. The use of a UVC Clarifier will not only rapidly clear green water, but will also effectively prevent it from developing at all!

Cloudy Water

Cloudy water can develop as a result of one of several factors: poor quality tap water, which may contain dissolved organics, excess feeding, poor tank maintenance practices, insufficient filtration, and more. Suspended bacteria and other organisms, which feed in the water column, exploit the nutrient-rich environment and begin to proliferate. The result of these organisms feeding and rapidly multiplying in aquarium water with these conditions is cloudy, milky white water. The use of a UVC Clarifier quickly eliminates suspended organisms, clearing cloudy water and preventing it from developing again in the future.

Purchasing New Fish

While quarantining new additions to your aquarium is unquestionably the best thing to do, it is unfortunately not possible for everyone to do so. At a minimum, always make sure to observe the aquarium from which you plan to purchase new fish carefully. Make sure that all the fish in that tank are healthy; if you see any signs of disease, make sure to point them out to the store staff and do not buy any fish from that tank.

Unfortunately, even when every precaution is taken, the addition of new fish can still lead to the introduction of diseases into your tank. Some symptoms may only reveal themselves later, once the new organism has been added to the tank. For this reason, preventive action is recommended.

A UVC Clarifier helps control the spread of unwanted bacteria and, depending on their life stage, parasites. Should an outbreak occur, it is usually less severe when UVC clarification is present. Furthermore, the presence of a UVC Clarifier helps buy time for an effective treatment to be found and applied. Having a UVC Clarifier does not mean you won’t have disease outbreaks, nor does it mean you don’t need to treat them should they occur. Rather, having a UVC Clarifier means that some disease outbreaks may be avoided, and that the chances of successfully treating disease outbreaks when they occur are higher.

While an aquarium filter already mechanically, chemically, and biologically filters water, a UVC Clarifier adds an extra layer of filtration that cannot be obtained otherwise. To protect your aquarium from green and cloudy water and make the most of your canister filter, purchase the Fluval UVC Clarifier today!