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Aquariums & Furniture


February 8, 2022 | By 1

Planning and searching for an aquarium and cabinet set for a living space is always a fun event. Researching the type of fish, plants and décor is important when determining the size of the aquarium, but there is more to think about: do not underestimate the importance of considering the properties of the actual aquarium and cabinet set itself!

There are several key factors that will not only impact long term durability and reliability, but will also contribute to making the aquarium both aesthetically pleasing and successful.

Build Quality

The cabinet should be constructed of solid, durable panels that are well sealed to ensure humidity and water cannot penetrate corner seams or permeate through surfaces. The common material of choice is melamine: we suggest looking for EGGER laminates that are used in high humidity and water-exposed areas, such as on backsplashes in kitchen applications. Fortunately, these highly durable laminates are also available in the fishkeeping hobby. Fluval Shaker cabinet sets are made of the highest quality European laminates to ensure long-term durability and reliability, even when exposed to accidental water spillage.

Supportive hardware such as hinges and handles should preferably be made of metal or other authentic materials to provide a positive, substantial feel when opening and closing cabinet doors and drawers.

The aquarium should also feature a quality sliding top that does not warp over time or break if dropped. If possible, the sliding top should also be opaque, in order to help reduce light loss from the top of the aquarium. Sliding tops help to prevent unnecessary evaporative water losses, reducing maintenance while increasing ownership enjoyment.

Engineered for Aesthetics

Well-conceived, high-quality aquarium and cabinet sets ensure not only the expected fit and finish levels, but details that make routing electrical cables and filter plumbing easy, seamless, and hidden. These features provide the aquarium set with a cleaner, more finished appearance, and the user with a more positive experience overall.

Filtration, the heart of any well-engineered aquatic setup, should be installed within the cabinet and connected in a manner that facilitates installation and removal. Nothing beats built-in factory plumbing at the base of the aquarium! Fluval, with its innovative through-tank filtration system, has a long-standing history of factory-plumbed cabinet canister filtration, making installation unobtrusive and efficient.

Quality Components

Complete aquarium and cabinet kits include reliable, well-engineered support hardware as part of the package. This means, when purchasing the aquarium, the user also gets properly matched lighting, filtration, and heating, for a system that will perform as expected. Fluval Shaker aquarium and cabinet sets include a number of high-quality Fluval products, to guarantee a healthy and successful aquatic environment.

Fluval canister filtration is as good as it gets: with the 07 series, the user will enjoy pristine water quality delivered by the word’s best-selling canister filter line. Furthermore, as the appropriate model filter comes with the aquarium, any guesswork regarding the filter choice is eliminated. Heating is covered by Fluval M series heaters, renowned for their reliability and ease of use. Lastly, the included LED light unit employs Fluval Aquasky Bluetooth technology, offering full customization and control of the lighting via the FluvalSmart app. Users will appreciate the variety of modes and features available, and can opt to use one of several preset configurations, or to fully customize a lighting schedule exclusively for their aquarium and its inhabitants.

Take the guesswork out of your next aquarium and cabinet purchase! Consider the Fluval Shaker Collection for reliability, performance, and design.

Learn more about Shaker aquarium and cabinet sets: https://fluvalaquatics.com/us/shaker/


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