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Anyone can appreciate the art of aquascaping. When you consider the vast number of beautiful setups and the masterpieces created by aquatic artists such as Amano and Oliver Knott, it becomes clear that aquascaping is truly an art form. However, it also requires a plan and some vision. While an aquarium with its basic hardware supports the fish and invertebrates that fascinate us, the purposefully aquascaped aquarium inevitably captivates us. What starts as a [...]

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Choosing the right food for your tropical fish does require that you understand some basic information about the species you are keeping as well as of the food itself. Here are some fundamental questions you need to ask yourself when putting together a menu for your fish. 1- WHERE DO MY FISH PREFER TO FEED? Different fish have evolved in different environments, and as such they have a different physiology to help them feed effectively. [...]

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FILTRATION MEDIA 101 For OPTIMAL WATER CONDITIONS In an enclosed aquarium environment, toxic compounds can accumulate quickly. In fact, your fish never stop producing waste as they go about their day, therefore, continuous filtration is necessary to ensure their survival. It not only helps by removing harmful elements from the tank, but also traps debris, oxygenates the water and provides ideal surfaces for beneficial nitrifying bacteria to cultivate upon. [...]

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Performing preventative maintenance on your FX canister filter will go a long way to ensuring optimal and long-lasting performance. Here are some highly-beneficial tips that will help keep your filter in tip-top shape. FILTER HOSING Always rinse filter hosing thoroughly a minimum of 2-3 times a year. This helps prevent debris from being blown into the aquarium after re-starting your filter. If you move your filter during maintenance, always verify that the rubber feet are [...]

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High performance filtration has been a trademark of the Fluval FX series since inception. This series built its claim to fame by featuring strong European engineering combined with quality build strength and big capacity. Featuring a 43 W (120V/60Hz) workhorse pump that is governed by Smart PumpTM technology ensures every watt of power consumed is used to move water and drive the system efficiently. However, there is more beyond its sheer brute force. Combining 20 [...]

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