Chi Aquarium Kit, 5 US Gal / 19 L, Black

Chi Aquarium Kit, 5 US Gal / 19 L, Black

Item #: 10505 | UPC: 015561105057

Inspired by Feng Shui, the unique Chi aquarium inspires relaxation by combining the calming sound of trickling water with the soothing sight of ambient illumination.

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  • Hidden Filtration – media included
  • Energy-efficient LED lighting
  • Rotatable cube simplifies cleaning and media changes
  • Easy to set up and maintain

What’s Included

  • 5 US Gal / 19 L Glass aquarium with safe, low voltage filtration and lighting cube
  • 1 filter pad and 1 foam pad
  • Frosted aquarium cover

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Questions & Answers

Is it possible to grow live plants in the Chi aquarium?

Due to its energy-efficient ambient lighting, the Chi is not optimal for live plant growth. We strongly recommend only keeping Chi decor ornaments and Chi synthetic plants inside this aquarium.

My aquarium water is full of organic waste (dead leaves, fish excrement, uneaten food, etc.). How can I get rid of it?
My aquarium water is cloudy. How can I clear it?
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