Betta Malaysian Driftwood

Betta Malaysian Driftwood

Item #: 14848 | UPC: 015561148481

Native to wild Betta habitats, Malaysian Driftwood helps create a natural looking aquarium and establishes beneficial, amber-tinted water conditions through the release of tannins and other compounds that help promote overall fish health.

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  • Native to wild Betta habitats
  • Lowers pH to support ideal water conditions
  • Tints aquarium water a beautiful and natural amber shade, helping to create subdued lighting conditions preferred by Betta splendens
  • Dimensions: 4-10″ / 10-18 cm

Questions & Answers

I recently set up an aquarium with driftwood. Why is the water now brown?

The brown color is due to the release of tannins from the driftwood. There are many advantages to maintaining slightly stained water, including reduced algae growth and more natural conditions for your fish. To avoid water discoloration, pre-soak or boil any natural driftwood before adding it to your aquarium. You can also used carbon to remove tannins from the tank water.

Why do some wood pieces float while others sink?

Not all pieces of wood will sink right away, or at all. Driftwood is a natural product and, as such, there can be variations from one piece to another. We suggest pre-soaking the wood in a clean bucket for about a week, while changing the water once to twice daily. Some pieces may need to be weighed down for the first couple of weeks once added to your aquarium.

A white film has developed on the driftwood I added to my aquarium. What is it?

The white film is a bio-film, and is no cause for alarm: bio-films are common when driftwood is first introduced to an aquarium. Many fish and shrimp species will eat the bio-film, and it will eventually go away on its own.

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