Alkalinity, 8 fl oz / 237 ml

Alkalinity, 8 fl oz / 237 ml

Item #: A8253 | UPC: 015561182539

Fluval Alkalinity is a concentrated, alkalinity-boosting supplement that provides an important energy source for supporting strong coral growth.

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Questions & Answers

Do Fluval SEA marine supplements have a specific shelf life?

Yes, there are specific expiry dates depending on the product. Check the back of the label for the best before date.

I just boosted my aquarium’s alkalinity level and the water turned cloudy. Is the alkalinity supplement defective?

When dosing alkalinity supplements, you must be aware of your tank’s calcium level. If your calcium level is too high or low in relation to the alkalinity level, you will create precipitation, which can look like cloudy water. When dosing alkalinity, always consider the net volume of your tank. With larger quantities of live rock, deduct 20% of the aquarium volume when dosing alkalinity as a starting point, then adjust by testing and verifying the resulting KH value.

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