007 Series

Les filtres extérieurs Fluval de série 07, 7e génération de cette gamme, combinent la puissance, la fiabilité et la performance attendues du chef de file en filtration aquatique.


eTEC engineering for powerful, quiet and energy-efficientresults

Maximized media capacitywith free media included

Several fast action maintenance features for ultimate convenience

eTEC engineering for powerful, quiet and energy-efficient results

Maximized media capacity with free media included

Fast action maintenance features for ultimate convenience

Available Models

07 Series Performance Canister Filters

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eTEC (Efficient Technology) is at the heart of the 07 series. It’s a synergistic process where forward-thinking design, cutting edge materials, and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes come together to deliver powerful pump performance, reduced energy consumption and ultra-quiet operation.


07 series engineering works cohesively to produce a more fluent operation that makes it up to 25% quieter than the previous generation.

Italian Precision-Crafted Pump

• Pinpoint accurate impeller-rotor interface
• New noise dampening materials
• Unobstructed friction-less rotations

Rubber Feet Stabilizers

• Redesigned and substantially enlarged
• Offers a more solid base
• Greater vibration-dampening capabilities
• Provides added canister protection

Precise copper wound bobbin
Sound dampening shaft support points
Sound dampening shaft support points
Co-molded, high-flex Polymer impeller cover
Diamond-polished Alumina shaft (50% Smoother)
Low wear liquid crystal Polymer rotor
Recalibrated impeller magnet joint


Depending on the model selected, the 07 Series generates between 145 – 383 US Gal/h (550-1,450 L/h) of constant pumping power and pressure that endures over time.


07 filters are big on power, yet small on energy consumption. The 107 and 207 models, for example, draw as little as 10 watts of electrical energy, which is EQUIVALENT TO A SINGLE HOUSEHOLD LED LIGHTBULB!

ModelPump PowerEnergy ConsumptionRunning Cost
107145 US Gal/h
(550 L/h)
10 WUS$ 0.20 / kWh =
US$ 17.52 / year
207206 US Gal/h
(780 L/h)
10 WUS$ 0.20 / kWh =
US$ 17.52 / year
307303 US Gal/h
(1150 L/h)
16 WUS$ 0.20 / kWh =
US$ 28.03 / year
407407 US Gal/h
(1450 L/h)
23 WUS$ 0.20 / kWh =
US$ 40.29 / year

Fast Action Maintenance

07 Series features several new design refinements that reduce the effort and time involved for maintenance, so you can spend more time enjoying your aquarium, and less time working it.

Aquastop Valve

• Ergonomic design and raised lip for smoother operation
• Extensive plastic ribbing design is 2x stronger than before

Lift-Lock Motor Head Clamps

• Single action dual locking clamps for quick release & attachment (half the clamps of most competitive filters
• Fiber-reinforced material

EZ-Lift Media Baskets

• Center handle allows main media stack to be removed simultaneously for quick media access
• No need to empty canister of water in order to remove baskets – less mess

Quick Primer

• Redesigned System – requires less pumps to engage
• Fiber-reinforced priming handle is 7x stronger
• Larger easy grip handle provides fast, effortless start-ups
• Easy to start even within cabinet (can be operated with 2 fingers)

Healthy Water

07 Series utilizes every square inch of available canister volume and positions media resourcefully to maximize media space in a compact footprint.

The Only Vertical Pre-Filter

• Fluval is the only brand to offer a vertical pre-filter for increased surface area and mechanical filtration
• Rippled surface pattern provides up to 30% more area to efficiently trap waste and debris
• Prevents premature clogging, extending the lifespan of subsequent filter media

Intelligent Design

• Stackable media system with up to 8 independent chambers offer quick and convenient access
• Customizable baskets offer endless media configurations to suit any application

Wide Media Selection

Discover Fluval’s complete range of authentic media solutions, offering higher quality, consistency and effectiveness to help support the overall health of your filter and fish.


Rippled surface pattern creates 30% more area to efficiently trap waste and debris

Bio-Foam Max

Traps waste and debris



Boosts beneficial bacteria growth


Complex porous rings offer efficient biological filtration, promote beneficial bacteria growth and help to control ammonia and nitrate



Traps micro particles for sparkling, crystal clear water


Effectively captures solid waste



Removes harmful toxins and odours


Neutralizes toxic ammonia to prevent fish loss

Ammonia Remover

Removes toxins, odors and ammonia


All-natural way to acidify aquarium water

Peat Granules

Removes excess phosphate for a clean & safe aquarium

Phosphate Remover Pad

Removes harmful nitrite

Remover Pad

Neutralizes toxic ammonia to prevent fish loss

Ammonia Remover Pad

Free Media Included

Bio-Foam Max2222
Quick Clear122

Fluval Authentic Media

High Quality

Our laboratories use premium-grade, long-lasting materials and compounds to ensure your aquarium water is healthy and contaminant-free.

Fluval Authentic Media

More Consistent

Fluval operates an extensive quality assurance program to achieve the highest media efficiency and dependability possible.

Fluval Authentic Media

Extra Effective

Our media is custom made for your Fluval filter to effectively trap waste and debris. Non-authentic media can lead to irregularities or gaps that reduce performance.

Fluval Authentic Media

Added Protection

Using non-authentic media may pose a threat to the warranty coverage of your filter and its parts. If any piece of equipment is worth investment, it’s your filter and filter media.

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