Ensemble indicateur de CO2

Ensemble indicateur de CO2

Numéro d'article : 17551 | UPC : 015561175517

L’ensemble indicateur de CO2 change de couleur pour permettre de surveiller facilement le taux de CO2 dans l’aquarium.

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  • Indicator mounts easily to aquarium glass
  • Includes Indicator Solution. Replacement solution also available separately (Item #17552)

Questions & Answers

Why has the output on my new CO2 set diminished even after changing cylinders?

We recommend replacing the diffuser, as the ceramic disc has a life expectancy of 3-6 months and will subsequently offer reduced performance.

What bubble count should I set when using a Fluval CO2 system?

To maximize the lifespan of your CO2 cylinder, we suggest a bubble count of approximately one bubble every 2-4 seconds. This should deliver adequate CO2 in moderately planted tanks.

I installed a CO2 system a few days ago and the cylinder is already empty. Is this normal?

No. At the rate of a bubble every few seconds, the cylinder should last approximately 2-3 weeks. It is possible some CO2 escaped while adjusting the unit or attaching the CO2 cylinder. Verify if the regulator is leaking at the cylinder connection: it may simply require further tightening. To inspect for other possible leaks, remove the unit from the aquarium and place it entirely underwater: if a leak exists, you will see it by the bubbles being produced.

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