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Flex Aquarium Background

Bending the Rules of Traditional Aquarium Design

Find out why there’s more to Flex Aquarium Kits than just their bold curved front styling.

Flex Aquarium
07 Series Banner Background

Executive Class Filtration

Experience the extraordinary cleaning power of 7th generation 07 Series Canister Filters.

07 Series Filter

Committed to Supporting Conservation Efforts

Fluval prides itself on its charitable and educational efforts that give back to the fishkeeping community.

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    TANK BUSTERS: Giant Fish To Avoid

    While they can be very cool, monster fish are unsuitable for most aquariums. Fluval Conservation Ambassador Oliver Lucanus discusses the drawbacks of keeping these giant tank-busters, and provides smaller, more suitable alternatives for many of the most common species! Be sure to comment which monster fish you’d like us to find more tank-friendly substitutes for!… Learn more

    TANK BUSTERS: Giant Fish To Avoid

Fluval Social

We just had to share this one from our friend @hoggaquatics! πŸ˜‚ Be sure to head over to his page for the dankest memes in the fishkeeping hobby – and for an exciting Fluval giveaway!


125 gal. mixed reef highlights! 😍πŸ”₯

#fish #aquarium #fishtank #aquariumfish #aquariumhobby #coral #reef #coralreef #coralreeftank #coralporn #softcoral

Take a bite on the wild side with Fluval Bug Bites! Formulated with ultra-nutritious Black Soldier Fly Larvae as the #1 ingredient across all formulas and produced in small batches for maximum freshness, Bug Bites is the daily diet your fish have always dreamed of!

#fish #aquarium #fishtank #aquariumfish #aquariumhobby #fishfood #nutrition #BugBites

The ALL-NEW FX UVC In-Line Clarifier quickly and easily connects to all canister filters to eradicate green and cloudy water for a crystal clear aquarium!

LEARN MORE: https://fluvalaquatics.com/us/shop/product/fx-uvc-in-line-clarifier-series

Our Asian-inspired 54 gal. tank is one of our favorites in the showroom! Featuring these stunning Snakeskin Barbs, as well as Rosy Barbs, loaches and a Pearl Gourami, the tank offers lots of movement and a great-looking community of fish.

#fish #aquarium #fishtank #aquariumfish #aquariumhobby #aquascape #biotope #plantedtank #plantedaquarium

We had a blast at the Great Canadian Scape Off at the Canadian Aquatic Expo, proudly sponsored by Fluval! Here's the third place tank – we loved the amount of detail in this aquascape and thought the use of vertical space was really fantastic. What do you think?

Aquatics expert Tom Sarac provides an in-depth overview of a stunning and easy to keep reef species – the Green Chromis!

Watch the video: https://youtu.be/aBGgHagrr5U

Q: Will using a UVC Clarifier harm the beneficial bacteria in my aquarium?

A: The beneficial species of bacteria in an aquarium live on surfaces in the filter, in the substrate, on plants, etc. They do not live in the water column and as such are entirely unaffected by UVC sterilization!

#fish #aquarium #fishtank #aquariumfish #aquariumhobby #filter #UVC

Rocks and wood are the two main hardscape materials used in aquascaping. Which do you prefer for your fish tanks? Let us know in the comments section down below!

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