Bio Clear

120 mL (4 fl oz)

Item # : A8367
UPC : 015561183673
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Fluval Bio Clear contains fast-acting enzymes that naturally clarify cloudy aquarium water. Its biological formulation effectively clears cloudy water by rapidly consuming free floating organic food sources, proteins and other organic elements.

Bio Clear is recommended for clarifying cloudy water caused by new tank syndrome, excess food, organic waste and decaying plant material.

key features

    • Clears organic debris
    • Controls new tank syndrome
    • Safe for all aquarium inhabitants
    • For freshwater use only

Tech specs

Item # : A8367

UPC : 015561183673

For freshwater use only

Dosage: 5 mL treats 38 L (10 US Gal)

120 mL (4 oz) bottle treats up to 908 L (240 US Gal )